We provide both in-house and client based design solutions for the property industry.

We specialise in high quality visual communication service packages – all located under the same roof as the architects, planners & urban designers of Dennis Moss Partnership. This ensures a seamless process from first pencil stroke to final product delivery. It is our responsibility that the correct messages are created that seeks to attract, inspire, and motivate people about architecture, planning and urban design.

Our Specialities

  • Architectural Visualisation
  • 3D Modelling
  • Architectural Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Video

Architectural Rendering

A picture can paint a 1000 words and that is no more than true than when trying to market a product that you can’t see because it hasn’t been built.

Whether it be a large scale exterior model or intimate interior detailing, we can turn your 3D model into an impressive animated fly-through or photo realistic montage that will breathe life into your project so you can immediately visualise the end product.

3D Modelling

3D modelling has become an effective and indispensable part of any architectural presentation or real estate design process.

With anything from an urban design volumetric study to a detailed textured interior perspective, we can transform your 2D architectural drawings and ideas and redraft them into 3D architectural and structural building models, making it possible to facilitate communication, visualize and explore various possibilities for the project.

Architectural Illustration

Drawing on Your Vision and our Imagination, our architectural illustrations offer the first tangible expression of what your project will look like before the architectural design process.

The studio offers a broad spectrum of architectural illustration styles, ranging from black and white ‘atmospheric’ pencil and charcoal sketches to combining various illustration techniques with 3D software to create hybrid sketches and façades that captures the spirit of the project.

Graphic Design

The studio has been helping position our clients in the property market for many years with its unique blend of digital and print design, branding and marketing expertise.

We design logos, booklets, brochures and any other print and online collateral that stand out and work competitively for you in the saturated real estate environment.

Web Design

DMP Media offers a variety of custom digital design and development solutions to create an effective online marketing presence for your development. We can help you promote your brand and drive traffic through your website and give guidance when it comes to social media and e-mail marketing.


If you are looking to produce a corporate or marketing video then DMP Media can help. From production planning, to editing, to final production, our in house digital video editing suites provide a creative service and can accommodate High Definition (HD) Standard Definition (SD) or mixed media workflow formats for your website, to share or real estate launch.

Let us bring your development to life by combining 3D rendering with video walkthroughs and lifestyle imagery to get a sense of the environment that exists within.